Zig zag is a cool game that can be played online from any device with the HTML5 supported browser. Your mission in this game is to control a device to consume spiky dots on the screen.

With each spiky dot you consume, your device will be added with the same length as the device. It is hard to describe, you will know what that device is when you see it. Basically, it looks like a Nunchaku, a Chinese weapon.

The moving action of this device is difficult to get used to. However, when getting used to it, you will find it as interesting and addictive as much as the snake game. The zig-zag device will move by swinging parts of its body.

The time playing this game is limited, in that certain period of time, you should get as many dots as you want to get the longest device that you can.

How to play zig zag:

– Click with your mouse to perform an action


zig zag
zig zag