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Tanksmith.io is a tower defense io game based on Diep style. Build the best tank and join wars to seek out a chance to rank up or dominate!

Tanksmith.io Gameplay

The match takes place on an enormous battlefield where gathers countless tanks and enemies. It’s necessary to gain the highest score before being the top player!

There are many game modes to choose from. Or, you can create a party by inviting your friends to play Tanksmith.io online together with you.

Roam around the map, collect resources, and craft a tank with 10 units. Remember to upgrade them with items you gather to defeat the opponent easier!


W-A-S-D or Arrow keys to change direction

Mouse cursor to aim

Left-click to shoot

E to auto-fire

Tanksmith.io is a survival shooter. It’s necessary to search for strategies and tips from the start to the end! There is a secret material waiting for you to discover.


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