Splashy fish is a mini online web-based game that is made inspired by the famous Flappy bird game. The goal of playing this game is to swim as far as you can by getting in between the tubes.

Splashy fish, like its original game, flappy bird, is a game that has no end. The goal of playing is to go as far as you can while avoiding the tubes. This game has no competing features. However, it will be great for players to play with friends at parties.

Like Flappy bird, it is highly addictive and fun to play despite having the simplest graphic amongst other games. The fish will move continuously horizontally from left to right and it will fall down if you don’t click on the screen. So make sure that you click the screen to keep it swimming and prevent it from hitting the tubes and die.

How to play Splashy fish:

– Click to make fish swim upward


splashy fish
Splashy fish