About us

IO is a web-based game category, which you can access easily from using any web browser. The .io websites support various platforms, which means you can play them even with your phones.

IO becomes the blooming trend in the early 2010s when the internet is popular everywhere in the world. IO games are published as online games on .io domains, which are built as multiplayer games. They are highly compatible with a huge number of platforms that can connect to the internet via a web browser.

All IO games do not require downloading, however, they are available for download on many stores for ones who love to access game much quicker. The majority of IO games are made with simple graphics and gameplay, while there are some exceptions of IO MOBA games and FPS games that have awesome 3D graphics and complex gameplay.

As all IO games are multiplayer, they are fun to play with and is a good platform for you to make friends and entertain with lots of fun.

IOgamestop.com is an awesome website that helps you with choosing the most suitable games for you by giving out detailed descriptions and sort out genres of games. Our site also introduces new games to you daily on our home page.