Parking Passion is a simple game that lets you control a car parking on the parking lot. After you finish parking, you will get to the next level. It can be played online on any device.

You will move the car with the arrow buttons in Parking Passion. It is made in portrait mode, which will be more suitable for mobile devices. Your duty is to park the car in the slot which is marked with yellow color and a triangle on it.

You will have to drive to the slot for parking. There will be an arrow that shows you the location of the slot, simply follow it to reach the parking. The faster you park and the better you make your parking, the more scores you will get

There will be some obstacles and moving cars that you should avoid hitting them. When get hit by another car in Parking Passion, you will lose that level.

How to play Parking Passion:

– Up/Down arrow to move

– Left/Right arrow to steer


Parking Passion
Parking Passion