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Oceanar.io is a free Agar.io style game with a survival competition. Launch the challenge with multiple rivals and eat as much as possible to become the most powerful fish!

Oceanar.io Gameplay

The story is set in a dark and dangerous ocean. Start off with a tiny creature and swim around tons of enemies. The strongest player will be the king.

To progress, it’s necessary to collect and consume the food floating in the water. The resource allows you to create a fleet of smaller fishes. They follow and can defend you or attack others.

Avoid stronger opponents when you play Oceanar.io online and attempt to increase the number of minions! Growing your army will enhance your scores and ranks.


Use the mouse cursor to move around

Left mouse to crush

Right mouse to merge

Oceanar.io is an intense io game when you must fight and get bigger at once. Don’t forget to search for and hunt Queens!


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