Honey Shot is a simple game that can be played online on many different devices that has an HTML5 supported browser. It is suitable for all ages and has easy gameplay and cute graphics.

In Honey Shot, you will control a character called Bionic Bear on his way picking up the honey while avoiding being attacked by the hostile killer bee. You always have to move upward as the screen will move up automatically and kill you when you are out of the screen.

Stay away from the killer bees that fly back and forward on the blocks. They are hostile and will kill you when approaching them. There are also larvae on the floating blocks that you can collect and help them through a distance.

To move in Honey Shot, you will use a grapnel gun that holds on to the block and swing yourself to get to the higher places.

How to play Honey Shot:

– Aim and shoot with left-mouse



Honey Shot
Honey Shot