Grand Prix Hero is a web-based racing game, which is played online on all devices that have an HTML5 supported browser. All you need to do in this game is to steer the F1 car to win the race.

This game comes with a well-made graphics, which is a rare thing in the web-based game. Along with its graphics, the game has simple gameplay. You can only steer the car with the two right and left buttons and cannot do any other action.

In the road, there are coins that give you money for upgrading your car and some speed up tiles that can be used to accelerate. It will be much harder to control at high speed, so be careful with this boost.

When finishing the race, you will be able to upgrade your car with the coins that you have obtained during racing. There are 4 stats that can be upgraded.

How to play Grand Prix Hero :

– Steer the car with Right/Left arrow buttons