Fruita Swipe is a cool match-3 web-based game, in which you will have to draw lines to match at least 3 icons per turn. It is simple and can be played online on any different devices like your phones.

Fruita Swipe is made in portrait mode, which will be more suitable to be played on mobile devices. You are required to match at least 3 icons on the board in order to make them disappear. The longer the line you can draw, the more points that you will get.

Make sure that you plan ahead and create a large group of the same icons to maximize your points. There is a countdown clock on the top of the screen which illustrates the time limit for each level.

You will also need to blow out the number of icons as the level requires you to do, or you will lose and have to play that level again.

How to play Fruita Swipe:

Click and drag with your mouse to play