FREDDY’S BOMB is a Bomberman game that is made inspired by two famous game series: the FNAF and Bomberman. It is a great combination of those two and can be played online.
Like the original Bomberman game, you will play by placing bombs on the map to break some breakable blocks to open the way or exposing loots. However, in FREDDY’S BOMB, you will play in a dark map, and you can only view things that are within the 3-block radius around you.

Each match will have limited time for playing, your mission is to stay surviving in that period of time. Try your best to get as many coins as you can for purchasing items for helping you with playing.

There is some animatronics that is on the map with you, which you will need to kill or that will catch you result in you losing the game.

How to play FREDDY’S BOMB:

Arrow buttons for moving
Spacebar for using bombs and weapons.