FIVE FIGHTS AT FREDDY’S is the first game of the FNAF game series, in which you will have to survive 5 nights against the murderous animatronics. It can be played online on any device.

In FIVE FIGHTS AT FREDDY’S, you will play as a night guard at a restaurant where serves kids meals. In this restaurant, there is some animatronics which is used to attract kids to the restaurant.

However, at night, you will find out that the animatronics are wandering and do mysterious things. You have to find out what are they after and try to prevent them from destroying the restaurant or killing you.

During the day, you will find out the mystery behind the abnormality of the animatronics and have to keep them in place at night using the switches, doors, and cameras. Try to survive there for 5 days and you will win.


Click and point to perform actions and use items.