Fidget spinner is an online mini-game that can be played on all devices that have an HTML5 supported browser. The only action that you can do is to spin the fidget spinner to get a high score.

The fidget spinner in this game can be changed with different skins. There are only 4 skins by default, filling up the bar under the fidget spinner icon at the bottom will add a new skin to the usable skin list. The new spinners will have more wings and different colors.

At the top of the screen, there is a speedometer, which shows the speed of your spinner, the faster it spin, the more point will be added to the bar below. The maximum speed will be 25, which is difficult to achieve.

You will earn coins from spinning the spinner. The faster it is, the more coin you will get. Those coins can be used to upgrade the speed or add lubricant oil to it to make it spin faster.

How to play Fidget spinner:

– Click and drag to spin