is a shooter with Splix style. Fly a helicopter and fight against multiple enemies at once to see if who will be the ultimate owner of the sky!


It has many elements similar to the ones of and Launch combat and make use of your shooting ability to rank up!

Aside from looting new areas, remember to build walls to protect yourself and your territories!

Filling regions in the air will unlock levels, upgrades for the airplane and buildings of you.

Superpowers are great to destroy the foes and defend your place or increase your score easier.


W-A-S-D to move the aircraft around

Right-mouse/ Space to put up towers

Mouse to aim

Left Mouse to attack

Click the active skill or hit 1-7 to pick out enhancements

Play online and you should act strategically so as to conquer the leaderboard soon! Extend your kingdom and prevent every opponent now!


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