Bob the robber 4 is an interesting game that can be played online on all devices with an HTML5 supported browser. In this game, you will be playing as a robber who tries to rob many buildings.

Join him on his quest to rob as much as he can to get to the next level and buy equipment to do his criminal work easier. He first only has 1 ability, which is to picklock. Each building has its own features, helps him get the money from that building and guides him to the escape of that building.

The buildings in Bob the robber 4 will have some similar features:

CCTV Cameras: can only view in one direction, you can get under it to hide or get out of its sight.
Guards: you can attack them from behind
Locks: can be unlocked by picking the lock or entering the code.

How to play bob the robber 4:

– Move with Right and Left arrow button

– Interact and enter with Up arrow button