Blobs Plops is a cool game that is made suitable to be played online by players of all ages. The gameplay of its is simple, however, it requires players to have a strategy to reach higher levels.

In Blobs Plops, you are required to add water droplets to the board in order to wipe all water droplets out of it. There are 36 tiles on the board that can contain water. Each tile has 3 levels of containing water. When you add a droplet to the last level of the tile, it will explode and shoot water droplets on its 4 sides.

The droplets will be added to the tiles around it, which can result in an exploding combo. Each 3 combos will add one droplet for you to use. Blobs Plops will end when you are out of droplets for using. To play this game, simply click on the tile that you want to add water droplet to.

How to play  Blobs Plops:

Click with the mouse to control